Meghan O'Hara

Creator and producer of HonestEngineTV

Meghan O'Hara is the creator and producer of HonestEngineTV.

As a producer, Meghan O’Hara’s film credits include a long-time collaboration with Michael Moore on his award winning features “Sicko,” “Fahrenheit 9/11”, and “Bowling For Columbine”. She was also a producer on Barbara Kopple’s “Shut Up and Sing”.

O’Hara’s television credits include “The IFC Media Project”, HBO’s “ROME: The Making Of”, Bravo’s “Behind The Screen” and A&E’s “Biography” series, amongst others.

Her recent awards include a 2008 Academy Award nomination for Best Feature Documentary, a Producer's Guild Award for Producer of the Year for a Documentary Feature and the 2007 Gotham Award for Best Documentary.