Melissa McCarty

TV Correspondent, Author of 'News Girls Don't Cry'

Melissa McCarty is a multi-talented television host, national correspondent, and author known for her excellent ad-lib and live broadcast skills. She’s been broadcasting live for more than ten years covering every facet of news and entertainment. She’s the girl who was burned on live TV being the dare devil in Southern California to report in an ember storm feet away from fire-fighters trying to put out the blaze. She’s reported many times on the fire lines, also during live gun-fire, and had a glass window shattered on her while caught in a Lakers championship game riot. She’s also changed the lives of hundreds by highlighting every day hero's, war veterans to people over-coming obstacles in communities across the country. After leaving KCBS-KCAL in Los Angeles as its top reporter and anchor, she hosted a show called Newsbreaker on ORA TV created by Larry King and Carlos Slim. She delivered a dose of need-to-know headlines and comedic viral videos. She free-lanced for Entertainment Tonight, has appeared several times on HLN’s Dr. Drew as a social commentator giving her two-cents on news makers and is currently a correspondent for the national show 'Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen'. Melissa, a suppressed comedian at heart, turned her serious reporting skills into a satire version of herself appearing in a dozen shows including; Real Husbands of Hollywood, Revenge, Chuck, Lie to Me, Big Love, Middleman, Jimmy Kimmel, and films such as In Sight and Coldwater Canyon. Her memoir ‘NEWS GIRLS DON’T CRY’ was published with great accolades and is available on and