Melissa Soalt

Melissa Soalt aka Dr. Ruthless is a woman's self defense expert and Hall of Famer.

Melissa Soalt AKA Dr. Ruthless® is an award-winning women's self defense expert-- voted BEST women's self defense in 2008 -- a Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame recipient and Woman of the Year, with acclaimed Fierce & Female DVD's. She is widely respected for her no-nonsense methods, emotional depth (Soalt is a former psychotherapist) and unabashed call for ALL women to repossess their innate capacities for aggressive self protection. Melissa has authored numerous articles and has been featured on "The View," NBC Nightly News and talk radio, and has shared her expertise in diverse publications. You can read about her Dharma of Defense on Gloria Feldt's website.

Melissa was recently interviewed by Investigative Discovery for a show that will air this summer 2012. She is currently at work on a book distilling her "Get Fierce" messages and methods for women.

Please visit her online at and on her Facebook Page where she posts on all things down, dirty and divine, with tips and tools that could save your life!