M. Blazoned

Recovering nail biter. Moon lover. Wannabe Buddhist. Feminist. I write blogs in my kitchen wearing fuzzy socks about the honest hilarity of marriage, parenting, and reluctantly being middle aged. We should totally be friends.

M. is a freelance writer whose blog has been featured on Huff Post, Good Morning America, Australia’s morning show, Sunrise, and Scary Mommy to name a few. Her blogs have been published and shared around the world in different languages including Japanese, which is pretty damn cool. Armed only with her point of view and sarcastic sense of humor, she has single-handedly built a blogging empire valued at 0.0 dollars, yet, oddly, has a personal assistant who writes her bios. You might know her from "The Default Parent" or "Open Letter to My Kids About Summer" or "The Modern Midlife Crisis." If not, visit her website and start reading! She’s obsessed with the meaning of life and SNL and writes mainly on the honest hilarity of marriage, being human, parenting, and reluctantly, being middle aged. Her two favorite comments about her blog are: "M. is nailing modern gender angst." and "M. is a good friend I didn't know until now." She has connected with women and men all over the world and can't believe so many people relate to her wacky thoughts. She hopes you'll join her in the quest to make some sense of life and have a few good laughs along the way. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, she’s a little needy. ~Sincerely, M.'s Very Real Personal Assistant To read more of M.’s takes on life, marriage, and parenting, check out her website M.BLAZONED. And follow her on social media! FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM