Marilyn Harding

Writer and Entrepreneur

Marilyn Harding, a marketing executive, entrepreneur, and writer in the fields of art, holistic lifestyle, innovation and travel has used her bountiful life and career as a spiritual laboratory to distill the complexity of life into the simplicity of inspired living and everyday happiness. Author of "Exhilarated Life: Discovering Inner Happiness" about living the life you are meant to live and “Yesterday At Justin’s” an illustrated children’s book dealing with divorce from a child's point of view. Director of Artemis Alliance Inc. which fosters strategic alliances in holistic lifestyle research and innovation, with a focus on Hellenic (Greek) traditional products and health practices. Artemis Alliance Inc. holds the patent for the Aristoleo® Test Kit which measures the health promoting phenolic compounds in EVOO. Marilyn and her mate, Athan, live on Aegina Island, Greece, basking in love and sunshine, tasting and testing EVOOs and sipping on wine.