M. Hasna Maznavi

Founder/President of The Women's Mosque of America & WGA Comedy Writer/Director

M. Hasna Maznavi is Founder and President of The Women's Mosque of America. She is a WGA comedy writer and director committed to changing the way Muslims are represented in mainstream American media. Hasna holds an MFA in Film & TV Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and a BA in Art and Mass Communications from UC Berkeley. Her past work includes co-writing independent film The Tiger Hunter and doing niche marketing for All-American Muslim – a reality show about Muslims that was so mundane it got canceled (turns out real-life Muslims are so normal it’s boring). Hasna prays that The Women's Mosque of America will help spark the pathway toward a worldwide Islamic Renaissance - one that is shaped by Muslim women's voices, participation, leadership, and scholarship – just as in the earliest days of Islam.