Michael S. Melfi

Attorney and Entrepreneur

Michael S. Melfi JD, MBA Attorney and Entrepreneur Michael S. Melfi, J.D., MBA, is an attorney who represents emerging companies and established businesses in a wide array of technology and corporate matters. He has extensive experience mentoring, counseling, and securing funding for entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, and small businesses and their disruptive technologies. Michael was the founder, COO, and general counsel of a multimedia company where he led cutting-edge experiential and digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients and helped national, industry-leading products and brands monetize and grow their web-based businesses. Michael’s passion is guiding and supporting emerging companies and entrepreneurs. To support these communities, he founded Be Investable, an online curriculum for entrepreneurs that provides the tools that help build a successful team, develop strategies for raising capital and produce results. In addition to writing articles about startups, leadership, and business, Michael has also authored four books aimed to help entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of often seemingly complex areas: The Simple Secrets of Social Media, The Simple Secrets of Intellectual Property, The Simple Secrets of Crowdfunding, and The Simple Secrets of Being an Entrepreneur. He can frequently be found touring the country, giving talks and presentations on startups, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship, as well as interviewing business leaders and entrepreneurs for his weekly podcast, The Trep Talk. Michael is a partner at Bodman PLC, one of the Midwest’s leading business law firms that provides counsel to some of the region’s most successful companies and individuals on a broad range of issues.