Michael Boblett

Dr. Boblett works with athletes on performance and injury repair. He lives in San Diego.

Michael Boblett, MA, D.Min., lives in San Diego.

He works with professional and amateur triathletes, marathoners, cyclists, and figure skaters. He also works with military personnel – who are certainly athletes!

His focus is on performance and injury rehab. Dr. Boblett's approach is based deeply in the study of early human evolution. Dr. Boblett's tools are multidisciplinary. He is trained in:

1. Rolfing: This is a form of deep-tissue bodywork that addresses imbalances in the body. Another term for this approach is "Structural Integration" The focus is on the structural origins of symptoms rather than just chasing the pain itself.

2. Egoscue: This is a form of exercise and stretching scientifically customized to the specific goals of each client. As with Rolfing, the focus is on structural causes rather than just chasing the pain.

3. Genotyping: This is a new program designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, discoverer of the Blood Type Diet. It is more specific and clients see changes much more quickly. Again, the focus is on customization.

In his own life, Dr. Boblett a trail runner and mountain climber. He is almost 60!

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