Michael Carmichael

Visiting scholar, Duke University

Michael Carmichael is a Visiting Scholar at Duke University. Since 1968, Carmichael has worked as a political consultant, historian, author and broadcaster. Carmichael worked professionally in the following US presidential campaigns: RFK; Gene McCarthy; Hubert Humphrey; George McGovern; Lloyd Bentsen; Jimmy Carter and Dennis Kucinich. In 2008, he supported Barack Obama.

From 1985, Carmichael was based in Oxford, England where he conducted academic research, held seminars and was invited to address international conferences in Modena, Malta, Lugano, Lucerne, Milan, Sardinia, London, Istanbul, Palermo and Kuala Lumpur. In 2003, Carmichael founded Planetary Movement Limited, a global public affairs organization based in the United Kingdom and the USA.

In 1998, Carmichael appeared as the academic scientist in Ethno-Botany and Egyptology on the British documentary series, Sacred Weeds. Carmichael has appeared as a public affairs expert on the BBC's Today, Hardtalk, PM, as well as numerous appearances on ITN, NPR and many other European broadcasts examining politics and culture. Carmichael’s political commentary has appeared on many websites including: The Huffington Post, Global Research; Information Clearing House; Scoop; Counterpunch; Progressive Democrats of America; and the Baltimore Chronicle. Carmichael can be reached through his website: