Michael Colongione

President of GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors

With the rise in bed bug cases and lack of education for our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members, Michael Colongione, President of GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors, seized the moment to provide education and bed bug detection and preparation services to the public. After working as a manager for one of the premier pest control companies in the metropolitan area, Michael brought his knowledge and values to his own company. GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors does not sell you services; it provides you with education so that you can make the best possible choice for your current situation. Michael states, "Coping with a bed bug infestation requires a partnership -- we provide you with caring, precise, and trustworthy service."

Michael Colongione is a spokesman for Pronto Plus, distributed by Insight Pharmaceuticals. The advice and opinions he expresses in this article are his own.