Mike Figueredo

Host of 'The Humanist Report' Podcast, Political Activist, & Ph.D Student

Mike Figueredo is the founder and host of 'The Humanist Report' podcast, which features his progressive commentary on political news stories. 'The Humanist Report' has garnered more than 25 million total views and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers, with thousands of people watching and listening every day. Mike Figueredo obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees in political science, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in public policy. Additionally, he is currently working on two books; "Catalyze: The Rise of Gay Rights Movements in the Middle East & North Africa," and "How to Fix a Broken Democracy." There are a variety of political issues Mike advocates for, but most notably, he frequently speaks out in favor of campaign finance reform, a single-payer healthcare system, electoral reform, social equality, a living wage, and environmental protection. You can watch or listen to 'The Humanist Report' for free on YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud, or