Michael J. Stern

Guest Writer

Michael J. Stern was a federal prosecutor with the Justice Department for 25 years in Detroit and Los Angeles. After leaving DOJ in 2014, he was appointed by the federal court in Los Angeles to represent indigent defendants. In 2018, disheartened by the state of politics and seeking catharsis, Michael began writing political op-eds for publication. His first article was published by the Chicago Tribune and titled “Jeff Sessions Makes Me Glad I Left the Department of Justice.” Since then, Michael has written more than 80 articles that have appeared in publications like the Guardian, USA Today, Slate, the Hill, the New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, and the Advocate. He has also been a guest commentator on news shows, including MSNBC and BBC World News. You can find all of his columns here: You can connect with Michael on Twitter at @MichaelJStern1.