Michael Kaplan

The author of <strong>Chances Are</strong> and <strong>Bozo Sapiens</strong> writes about where it all went wrong

Michael Kaplan trained as a historian at Harvard and Oxford before becoming a documentary director and producer for WGBH-TV. A freelance writer/director for twenty-five years, he is also author with Ellen Kaplan of Bozo Sapiens: Why to Err Is Human, about which the New Scientist said: “armed with sheaves of anecdotes and research, the Kaplans show just how daft even the most intelligent people can be. The writing is delightful: graceful and packed with allusions, switching easily between hilarity and tragedy.”

Their previous book, Chances Are… Adventures in Probability, was praised by the New Yorker as “a fascinating layman’s trek through probability theory,” as well as by the New York Times: “[Michael and Ellen Kaplan] have hit on a great subject, and they explore it, down through the ages, with an enthusiasm that borders on glee… it’s a dizzying, exhilarating ride.” Michael Kaplan runs a communications company near Edinburgh, in Scotland, where he lives with his wife and son.