Michael Mamas

Founder & CEO of The Center of Rational Spirituality, and the founder and developer of Mount Soma.

Michael Mamas is a thought leader in the areas of spirituality and personal development, with 35 years of teaching experience (including the U.S., India, Europe, and Canada). He helps people develop a deeper understanding and more comprehensive outlook by providing a bridge between the abstract and concrete, the Eastern and Western, and the ancient and modern. Dr. Michael Mamas is the founder and chief executive officer of The Center of Rational Spirituality (CRS) and the founder and developer of Mount Soma, a 448-acre non-denominational community and destination center near Asheville, North Carolina, designed to support spiritual growth, personal development, and health. He is the acclaimed author of nine books (including a novel, books for reflection, a home study course, and a children’s book). Michael Mamas’ lifelong search for wisdom led him to seek out and study under great thinkers of the United States, India, Europe, China and the Philippines. The wisdom and knowledge he gained compelled him to dedicate his life to helping people evolve both personally and spiritually, by facilitating the natural development of their consciousness. His teaching of Rational Spirituality helps people move beyond their current level of spiritual understanding, whether they are atheist, any religion, or creed.