Michael McGown

Semi-retired arbitrator

Michael McGown is a semi-retired arbitrator. During his fifteen years conducting arbitration hearings for the securities industry, Michael listened while devastated customers accused their brokers of fraud and thievery, and brokers ranted about customers who demanded unreasonable profits. In these hearings, Michael also learned about the very real and often hidden costs of managing and investing money.<br /> <br /> Prior to that, Michael graduated from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Houston Law School. He worked for his Congressman in Washington, D.C. for just long enough to realize that a career in politics was out of the question, because it required relying on other people's money. Today, Michael reads and researches and learns online, without ever listening to the talking heads on television (except for Bill Moyers). Along the way, he's picked up a few nuggets of information about saving money and hanging on to the little bit that he still has.<br /> <br /> Michael lives in Dripping Springs, Texas, with Richard, his husband in some jurisdictions, and a yard full of deer and rabbits.

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