Michael Sowder

Poet, author, professor, yoga meditation teacher. Founder of the Amrita Yoga Satsang.

Poet, author, blogger, professor, Michael Sowder writes about spirituality--especially yoga and Buddhism--but also about wilderness, poetry, and fatherhood. He is the founder of the yoga meditation center, the Amrita Yoga Satsang. In love with India, last year he lived in Mumbai, Pune, and Dharamsala with his family on a Fulbright Fellowship. He's writing a book: "Twelve Gates to Enlightenment: Lessons from the World's Contemplative Traditions." His poetry collection, "House Under the Moon," combines poems of devotion with poems about fatherhood and family. Diane Wakoski chose his first poetry book, "The Empty Boat," for the T. S. Eliot Award. "Whitman's Ecstatic Nation" came out from Routledge. Look for his work in The New York Times Online, Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry, Five Points, Green Mountains Review, Poet Lore, Sufi Journal, and Shambhala Sun. At Utah State University, he is a professor of creative writing and an affiliated faculty member of Religious Studies. He lives at the foot of the Bear River Mountains with his wife, the writer Jennifer Sinor, and their two sons.