Michael Stewart

Executive Director, NY United

Michael Stewart is the Executive Director of NY United, which has been instrumental in uniting the various campaigns of low-wage workers to improve wages and working conditions in New York, including fast food, car wash, airport and supermarket workers. In addition to supporting low-wage worker campaigns, the group is active in pushing for job creation and economic justice in the New York metropolitan area. NY United has organized various events to highlight the rights and power of workers and working-class people over wealthy corporations and special interests, such as the April 17, 2012 Day of Action to Reclaim Tax Day for the 99-percent, the July 24, 2012 Low-Wage Worker Day of Action, and a February 2013 Symposium on Low-Wage Worker Organizing. NY United was an active member in coalitions that successfully saved the millionaires' tax and increased the minimum wage in New York, and is involved in the legislative campaign to allow localities throughout New York to set their own minimum wages, as already exists in California.

Mr. Stewart spent 18 years in the labor movement as an organizer and researcher for unions such as the Service Employees International Union and the Illinois Federation of Teachers where he helped to organize homecare, childcare, Head Start and other low wage workers as well as graduate Teaching Assistants at the University of Illinois.

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