Michael Tasner

Father, Entrepreneur, Marketing Mind.

Personal High Points: ---> 3 kids, Connor, Logan and Emma with a fourth on the way ---> Live in a wonderful neighborhood just outside of Buffalo ---> Get to travel regularly and visit some of the coolest places on earth Career High Points thus far: ---> Started a digital agency at age 15 – grew it and sold it in 2013 ---> Wrote a bestselling book in 2011– coining the phrase Web 3.0 marketing and calling two of the biggest marketing trends today (6 years early) live streaming video and mobile marketing ---> Became the Chief Marketing Officer for Guerrilla Marketing International and was mentored and hand-trained by Jay Conrad Levinson ---> Published a 2nd edition of Marketing In the Moment in 2014. ---> Established No Joke Marketing in 2013 ---> Had coffee and talked marketing with the Princess of Norway ---> Have spoken on various stages throughout the world meeting some amazing people along the way