Michael Turk

political and communications consultant

Michael Turk is a partner in CRAFT | Media/Digital, a communications consulting firm in Washington, DC.

In his professional career, Turk has lived at the intersection of politics, public policy and technology - crossing from the political, to the commercial and into government. He has managed the Internet operations for three Presidential campaigns and the Republican National Committee; managed e-Government projects at the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Energy; and worked with Grassroots Enterprise - an Internet focused public affairs firm - as a technology and activism consultant.

Most recently, Turk served as Vice President of Industry Grassroots for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association before returning to private practice. Turk is passionate about and writes frequently about telecom policy and technology developments. While at NCTA, Turk launched - the cable industry’s blog.

Turk currently sits on the Board of Directors for, but is unpaid by, Digital Society - a pro-culture, pro-commerce think tank focused on telecom and technology policy. Digital Society is partially funded by Arts & Labs.

Turk is married and has two wonderful children.