Michael Wolkowitz

Outside Agitator

Michael Wolkowitz is an entrepreneur, producer and liberal do-gooder. <br> <br> He co-founded MJM Creative Services, a WPP Company. As a producer, his work spans the fields of broadcast television, documentary and feature film, theater, and corporate communications. As a liberal do-gooder, Michael has devoted a substantial portion of his time to several not-for-profit and advocacy groups and is an active supporter of progressive causes and candidates. <br> <br> Michael is Chairman Emeritus of The Brady Campaign. He was Chairman of the Board of the Progressive Congress Action Fund. He is an active veteran working member of the Board of The Henry Street Settlement on NY’s Lower East Side. He is a feminist and advocate for gender intelligence.. Michael was a member of Vassar College’s President’s Advisory Council from 2002-12. In November 2011 Michael was appointed to the Board of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) based in the UK. <br> <br> He has a variety of documentary films to his credit, <br> Including "Citizen Havel" first shown in the U.S. at Lincoln Center's Ironic Curtain Film Festival. For the stage, he was a Producer of the Olivier-Award winning West End Production of “Spring Awakening”. He also lent active support to the climate crisis focused film/activist project “The Age of Stupid”. <br> <br> His favorite project, for broadcast on PBS was “Havel’s Audience with History” which he created and produced; it was aired nationally in prime-time by PBS in April 1990. Filmed in Czechoslovakia immediately after their Velvet Revolution in November/December of 1989; it was directed by Oscar-winner Jiri Menzel, hosted by Paul Newman, and featured interviews with people such as Vaclav Havel, Milos Forman, many Czech dissidents, and one of Havel’s former jailors. At that time he formed, and has sustained to the present day, close relationships with some of the authors of “Charter 77” (the key dissident document that formed the basis for the Czech Velvet Revolution) in 1989/90, and attended far too many of their funerals. <br> <br> He co-founded, ran, sold, continue to run, and then left MJM Creative Services. From 1984 through his departure in 2008 it was the leading Face-to-Face communications agency in the world, with offices in New York, London, Washington DC, and Detroit.