Michal Shapiro

International Music, Culture and Travel Videoblogger

Michal Shapiro is an artist, videographer, musician, journalist and world music producer. She was the Director of Music Programming for Link TV for 10 years, and has received numerous awards for her productions, including a "best of the century" vote from TimeOut magazine's Year of 2000 Roundup. Her Painting "Butternut" hung in Don Draper's office in Mad Men for the first 3 seasons. She was a member of the rock group "Elephant's Memory" and appears on the sound track for the movie Midnight Cowboy. All the videos that appear here were shot and edited by Ms. Shapiro, who wants to spread the GOOD news about what is happening in the world today, and take her audience along on her journeys near and far. You can follow all her videos on her website InterMuse, at