Michel Shane

Producer, Philanthropist, Social Conscious advocate. Passing It Forward for everyday. Changing the lives of children everyday

Michel Shane
On April 3, 2010 Emily Rose Shane was murdered on PCH by a suicidal driver while walking to meet her father Michel. This forever changed Michel's life, since that time he and his Ellen stated THE EMILY SHANE FOUNDATION, which works with middle school children who learn differently and can not afford mentoring or tutoring. The Emily Shane Foundation offers mentoring to this children in exchange of them "Passing It Forward" for each mentoring session and registering their good deed on the website.

Michel Shane has worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks, and Will Smith and continues to work with world-class talent on his projects at various stages of development and production.

Michel Shane is one of the motion picture industry’s premier independent producers. He is managing partner of Hand Picked Films based out of Los Angeles & Montreal and has produced films in Canada, USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, and South America.

A graduate of Canada’s McGill University, Michel Shane attended law school for two years before deciding on a career in the entertainment business.

Shane has forged an unusual collaborative alliance with the Chinese government, artists, investors, and Japan’s Genco Inc. and Flamingo Features to produce an epic television series based on The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Filming will commence in early 2015 in historical locations throughout China under the direction of Executive Producer Hu Mei (Confucius), one of that nation’s leading filmmakers. Attaching the worlds leading directors to shot episodes of the epic series is in the works

This will be the first time The Art of War has ever been done in the West as a film or TV series, and it’s unique in that the complete series is being shot in China.
Catch Me If You Can and I, Robot went on to gross nearly one billion dollars in revenue. Both films were based on material fully developed by Shane.
Other producing credits include Paramount Classic’s Northfork, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival starring James Woods, Nick Nolte, Peter Coyote and Daryl Hannah. Film critic’s Siskel and Edbert called “One of the most important American films made in the last ten years”

Handpicked films and Wolper production have successful produced a reality series on Tru-TV entitled “BAIT CAR” with 100 episodes produced. The show was consistently one of Tru-TV’s high rated show

Shane taught film finance and production at UCLA Extension and was also on UCLA’S Extension program Advisory Board. He is a frequent moderator and guest lecturer on how to use incentives to help produce films and has held seminars for Wall Street Investment firms to give them a better understanding of film financing.

Michel Shane has been invited to Brazil, Canada, China, Great Britain, India, Italy, Singapore and numerous American States to discuss film finance structuring. He is recognized as an expert in the field.

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