Michelle Chan

Economic Policy Director, Friends of the Earth

Michelle Chan directs Friends of the Earth's economic programs. Her work brings environmental advocacy to Wall Street and other financial institutions, via shareholder activism, corporate environmental disclosure, outreach to financial analysts, and coordination with major financial institutions to develop environmental management systems. She is the founder of BankTrack, an international NGO network, and is currently coordinating Friends of the Earth's China-related work. Michelle has served on the Board of CERES, an investor-environmentalist alliance for corporate responsibility; the Council for Responsible Public Investment, and the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment. She is a founding member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Advisory Committee, and in 2002 received the Social Investment Forum's Service Award for outstanding contributions to the field of socially responsible investing. She graduated from the Division of Honors with degrees in Economics, Development Studies, and Geography from the University of California at Los Angeles.