Michelle Sutton

Writer, Advocate

Michelle Sutton is an Australian writer and advocate, passionate about promoting acceptance of neurodiversity.

Along with her almost 20 years experience parenting children with extra support needs, Michelle has a background in education and psychology.

Michelle lives in the Blue Mountains, NSW, with her husband and their six children. Their family of eight includes two people diagnosed Bipolar and two people diagnosed Autistic (one with significant sensory sensitivities).

Michelle does not see Autism or Bipolar as disorders needing to be fixed or cured, but as variations in the wide spectrum that is normal human neurology. She believes that everyone is entitled to equal opportunities for success and the way to achieve this is to find out what kind of support is needed for each kind of normal in her household and to provide it.

Michelle’s writing can be found in numerous places online. A good place to start is at her site "Michelle Sutton" where you will find links to all her writing, the resources she has developed and the projects she is involved in.

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