Mik Thobo-Carlsen

Entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, passionate

Mik is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ companies under his belt.

He is based in Copenhagen but works out of London and New York as well.

Main interests are tech startups, how to maintain or create value (apart from money) in life, plus theoretical physics and philosophy.
He is passionate about politics and believes that meeting interesting people is almost the purpose of life.

Mik is also a public speaker, and talks about building value i life while experiencing the complex process of starting a business.

Recently published (didn't write) "Junior Rambo", the only first-person story about a child soldier from Sierra Leone who became the right hand of rebel leader Foday Sankho.

Mik's strength lies in disruptive business models and passionate management. He is a strong believer in emotional business relations, and has a history of challenging traditional methods. Lately he co-founded Tattoodo where he currently spends 25 hours a day.

#1 achievement so far is having the biggest head in high school. Next project, building a 3.5 km mountain in Copenhagen.

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