Mikah Meyer

Travel blogger at - author, ‘Life’s More Fun When You Talk to Strangers’

Named one of MTV's "Social Media Warriors of 2016", Mikah Meyer is a professional singer, musical improv performer, and travel personality currently driving around America on a world record journey to all 417 national parks. His debut memoir, Life’s More Fun When You Talk to Strangers, is based on a 260 day, 16,400 mile North American road trip and the power of audacious risks. Earning a Masters in Voice Performance from McGill University in Montreal, Mikah grew up in Nebraska as the pastor’s son at America’s largest Lutheran campus ministry. He's since worked for a number of denominations as a singer, educator and young-adult ministry leader--most recently with the professional choirs at the Washington National Cathedral. He is the founder and president-emeritus of Queer For Christ, the world's largest, in-person LGBT/Christian young adult organization. Mikah's national parks project is making him both the youngest person to experience all 400+ U.S. parks and the only person to accomplish the feat in one journey. The trip launched on the anniversary of his father's passing, during the 100th anniversary year of the National Park Service, and marks the 12th installment of annual road trips--begun at age 19--to honor his father's love of driving. Visit for more details or find him on Facebook and Instagram.