Mike Green

Co-founder, ScaleUp Partners LLC

I'm a national consultant on economic inclusion and competitiveness strategies and a leading voice of Inclusive Competitiveness: empowering underrepresented populations to compete in the innovation economy. -- New York Times Leadership Academy Fellow with 20 years media experience. -- Mentor to entrepreneurs of color and a strategist for economic development planners and policymakers. -- Strategy consultant to policymakers, educators, economic development organizations, philanthropic organizations, impact investors, entrepreneurs and community activists helping them in the following ways: -- Understand the value of an inclusive knowledge-based, tech-driven globally competitive innovation economy Improve outcomes of inclusive productivity pipelines to increase regional competitiveness and quality of life -- Establish measurable outcomes from strategies of Inclusive Competitiveness -- Empower underrepresented populations to improve productivity and compete in the tech-innovation economy -- Change the economic narrative in targeted regions and communities from obsolete 20th century economic paradigms to rapidly evolving 21st century innovation ecosystems -- Inform and educate targeted regions on issues of economic inclusion and competitiveness -- I also produce unique events for clients which attract an inclusive cross-section of the "Eight Communities of Influence" that exist in every region and have an out-sized impact on the overall economy. -- Contact me to receive my information deck: