Mike Feder

Host, The Mike Feder Show/Sirius XM Radio

Mike Feder's new book is: A Long Swim Upstream, Stories by Mike Feder

Mike grew up in New York City. For twenty-five years he was the host of a weekly radio program on WBAI-FM in New York. He currently hosts The Mike Feder Show on Sirius XM Left 127 (Saturday evenings, 5-8pm Eastern, 2-5 West). Also listen to his radio shows on PRN.FM (Progressive Radio Network)--The
Turning Point
(stories, sermons, reflections) on Mondays at 4pm Eastern and Occupied Territory America (Politics and Freedom in the last days of Democracy), Thursdays at 2pm Eastern.

Mike has performed his autobiographical monologues in theaters, colleges, and nightclubs across the country. He is the author of three books -- the recently published, A Long Swim Upstream, Stories by Mike Feder, New York Son, and The Talking Cure, A Memoir of Life on Air.
His writing has appeared in Harper’s,, The New York Times Magazine and Hustler Magazine.

Mike has been a paralegal, social worker, probation officer, bookstore owner, book editor and radio station manager. He has two grown children and lives in Manhattan with his wife.

Mike’s website is http//

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