Mikki del Monico

Writer-Director, Fitness Buff, Discerning Observer of the Transgender Moment

MIKKI DEL MONICO wants to help create a world in which art is as important as commerce and gender is just another dimension of self-expression. As a lifelong storyteller with deep Italian-American roots, he’s tackled the jobs of writer, film and music video director, editor, personal trainer, and digital media assistant on a ship that sailed the Atlantic Ocean. Mikki transitioned female-to-male while making his feature film debut, Alto, for which he received Best First-Time Director at Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. Alto is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, and other VoD platforms. He has also received both a Screenwriting Award and Feature Film Production Grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Currently living in Los Angeles, he's still a heartbeat away from another east-coast story and is happy to extend the conversation about gender identity, film, healthy workouts, and lots of other topics over a good sfogliatelle.