Mindy Bartlett Squillace

is a mom of three boys, lesbian, athlete and lover of laughing.

Mindy Bartlett Squillace is a mom of three boys. She came out as lesbian at 19 and got married at 30. She and her partner had three boys soon after. Her partner came out to her as a tradesman in February 2015 and began transitioning from female to male after 8 years of marriage. After trying to make the marriage work, the couple recently decided to divorce. Mindy still identifies as a proud lesbian who is learning to embrace her new identity as a single, separated woman in her late 30's. In her spare time, she loves working out, writing, laughing and playing with her boys. She is using her voice to tell her story as it unfolds. Her great hope is that by sharing her journey, she will be able to affect change and educate the population women and families like hers. You can find her blog here: