Miriam Ava, PhD

Ambassador of good taste. Truffle Pig. Gratitude Grower.

I'm a writer & publicist and love sharing what's good, true, and beautiful. I've had the privilege of interviewing such luminaries as Dr. David Perlmutter, Mark Nepo, Bari Tessler, Nadine Artemis, and Dr. Mario Martinez for my Gratitude Speaks format. Through my Dispatch and Fresh From series I cover compelling events in health, food, green beauty, vibrant longevity, and mind-body-spirit. I consider myself an ambassador of good taste, truffle pig, and gratitude grower. We're at a turning point in history where fossil gives way to solar, consumerism to sustainability, and rigidity to flexibility. It's up to every one of us to commit to a present and future rooted in bright peace, luminous faith, and loving kindness. I look forward to connecting with you. #FlyHighRootDeep

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