Miriam Mason Martineau

counselor, parenting coach, writer, educator, mother

I work as a therapeutic counselor and a parenting coach. I’m also delighted to be a mother (this, my greatest honor and joy), a wife, a sister and friend. I engage in life as a writer, dancer, singer, and on my great days, even as a runner or some other form of exerciser (!) and – above and through it all – here I am, an awakening human, practicing and learning. I’m eternally curious (at times a highly distracting, other times an enriching trait). Seeking out and soaking up Beauty and Authenticity in all their forms and expressions is one of my full-time jobs. Also, I love books, words, imagination, green tea, dark chocolate, la lingua italiana, touching sun-warmed rocks, shuffling through autumn leaves. Also candles – the Light, skipping, and generative conversations with dear ones. Things that matter to me: creative thought, deep inquiry, integrity, prayer, collective awakening and above all: this incredibly precious Life. Currently I live in a beautiful mountain valley in British Columbia, Canada, with my husband and our daughter whom we homeschool.