Miss. Jones

Writer, Passionate Visionary, Humanitarian Organizer. The Miss. Jones Xperience - Follow her journey

Growing up in Southern Maryland, Miss. Jones picked up the pen at the tender age of 2. By age 9, she had penned her first short novel and by 10 was producing and leading the morning announcements for her elementary school. Since then, she has been expressing herself through the arts and media, building a multi-dimensional entertainment platform along the way.

Miss. Jones graduated from The New School’s M.S Media Management program, where she zeroed in on her innate passion for generational provocation and entrepreneurial inspiration. With her ever-evolving platform, she has been able to create and host numerous empowerment events for multi-generational female audiences across the country.

Currently residing in New York City, you can find her writing for the Huffington Post, sharing the bright lights with her mentees, and widening the lense on her camera to invite others along for the journey.