Mina Sharif

Born in Afghanistan, raised in Canada... and now back in Afghanistan, doing what I can to contribute to voice of the country

Mina Sharif was born in Afghanistan. When she was less than a year old, her family was forced to flee and eventually immigrated to Canada where she was raised. Mina was brought up in Toronto Canada. In early 2005, she travelled back to Afghanistan as a volunteer radio trainer working with women managed radio stations in various provinces across the country. Mina Sharif has had a variety of experiences in Afghanistan including radio training for street children in a number of cities, developing and disseminating campaigns in support of the Afghan government (particularly the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police), authoring the IOM “Guide to Afghanistan,” and leading a literacy training project for the ANA and ANP. Mina Sharif was the Executive Producer for seasons two and three of Baghch-e-Simsim, the Afghan version of Sesame Street. She was also the Executive Producer of a TV and radio series highlighting the accomplishments of Afghan children throughout the country called "Voice of Afghan Youth". She is currently part of the team at Rumi Consultancy. On the side, Mina Sharif is involved in numerous volunteer initiatives in support of Afghan youth and directs a girls mentorship program called "Sisters 4 Sisters".