Miriam Feiler

A lifepreneur with 3 kids, Miz got her mo-jo back when she turned 40. And now wants all women to live 40 to the Max!

In May 2015, Miz turned 40 and started blogging for the first time. Her raw, honest and humorous posts resonated widely with women in their 40s, resulting in a steadily growing global community of loyal and engaged followers. Drawing inspiration and strength from her community, Miz is evolving 40 To The Max into an online platform supporting personal transformation for women 40+. 40 To The Max readers (known affectionately as Maxers) wish to re-find their “spark” and reclaim their pre-children identities. They want to improve their relationships, and dream of exploring their creative, fun and adventurous sides. They want to see through the fog and exhaustion of the daily grind juggling family, profession and household responsibilities, and live their 40s to the Max. And they are turning to Miz for answers. 40 To The Max offers solutions, advice and resources to equip Maxers with the confidence required to take action and create the lives they deeply desire.

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