Mitchell J. Rabin

Creative Consultant, Holistic coach,, Stress Management Consultant, Host of A Better World Radio & TV

Mitchell's professional background is in psychology, stress management and Social Enterprise. He is founder, President/CEO of A Better World Foundation Unlimited, Inc. He hosts a popular weekly radio and cable TV program in NYC called A Better World. Mitchell consults to Social Enterprise companies committed to personal and planetary health and sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and building a renewable energy-based economy. Mitchell has studied and teaches mind-body practices such as Qi-Gong and T’ai-Chi Chuan, He teaches workshops in Qi-Gong with communication skills using Therapeutic Theater, neuro-psychology and non-violent communication. Mitchell is VP on the Board of FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences), the Institute of Global Education (NGO), and several advisory Boards. See