Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam

A Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Social Activist, Writer and Political Analyst.

Mohammad Shafiq "Hamdam" is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee social activist, writer and analyst. He has over 15 years of progressive working experience with the civil society organizations, NATO, UN projects, media, NGOs, academic institutions and private firms. He is an expert in security, strategic communication, political and international affairs. He worked with senior international policymakers on governance, political and development affairs. He teaches at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC. He is the founder of Afghan Anti-Corruption Network, a founder of Anti-Corruption Watch Organization and a co-founder of the Afghan Women Coalition Against Corruption and a member of the United Nation Coalition against Corruption. Hamdam is a fellow of Hiroshima Peace Building Center of Japan, a fellow of Asia Society of Asia 21 Young Leaders, a member of Young Leaders Forum at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and a senior research fellow of Civil Vision International. He is a graduate of Collage for Administration and Economy, Nangarhar Institute of Health Science, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and Executive Education of John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He also holds a master of Statecraft and National Security Affairs at The Institute of World Politics in Washington DC. Hamdam is an author of academic and opinion editorials and a commentator. He writes for few international journals, leading Afghan media outlets and some of his articles translated into major languages including Spanish, Arabic, French, German and Russian. He is passion for mentoring the policies, modernization and rapid changes around the world and keen to contribute to the goals of socioeconomic progress. He is married to Khushi Hamdam and they have a son and a daughter.