Mohan Kailas

Mohan Kailas | Owner of Kailas Companies

Mohan Kailas is the President, Owner and founder of Kailas Companies. Upon its founding in 1990, Kailas Companies owned and managed roughly 25,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space. Today, Kailas Comp sum exceeds two million square feet. Through Mr. Kailas’ diligent and committed work, Kailas Companies transformed into Louisiana’s top owner/operator of commercial property. Mohan Kailas directly oversees the development of all new projects and related business of Kailas Companies, focusing on controlling expenses and increasing profitability – maximizing return on investment. With over thirty years of real estate experience, Mr. Kailas’ acumen extends to nearly every facet of property management–including single family homes, 100+ unit high rise apartments, condominiums, retail and commercial office space. Mr. Kailas’ extensive background in these fields allows him to make sound decisions and financially evaluate properties in many ways the rest of the industry cannot.