Molly Hayward

Founder of Cora, the startup that is revolutionizing the way women manage their periods.

Molly Hayward is the visionary female founder of Cora, a san francisco startup and disruptive consumer brand pioneering products that fit women’s lifestyles, prioritize their wellness, and empower women globally. With body-conscious organic tampons, an elegant user experience, and sustainable menstrual products given to girls in developing countries for every monthly supply shipped, Cora represents the smart, chic, and conscious woman of today and is transforming the experience of womanhood on a global scale. Molly was the first entrepreneur in the now-trendy menstrual management space to establish a modern, healthy, socially conscious brand, presenting the issues of healthier products and women’s global social justice to the mainstream female consumer. Forbes writes, “Serial entrepreneur Molly Hayward has a fresh take on feminine hygiene, reimagining everything from the absorbent materials to the packaging, with a deep commitment to social justice." At 28 years old, she has been featured in major television and media outlets, and garnered awards for her innovative and holistic approach to elevating women globally through for-profit business. Molly has a deep knowledge of menstruation in both its commercial and cultural contexts, and has been described as a visionary badass with soul. Learn more about Molly and Cora at