Molly Baker

Molly Baker is a reporter and writes the blog Playgroup With Sylvia Plath.

Molly Baker is a reporter and writer living in suburban Philadelphia. In addition to writing features for The Wall Street Journal and The Philadelphia Inquirer, she writes Playgroup With Sylvia Plath, a blog about modern parenting and suburban zeitgeist. The blog is not so much what Washington has to say about child safety laws or how to get a child to eat more vegetables, but rather somewhere in between the two. Like, what is the right age to show your child The Godfather?

Previously, Baker was a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal, where she covered the Nasdaq Stock Market, technology, IPOs and small companies. Her book, High Flying Adventures In The Stock Market , chronicling the ups and downs of a mutual fund team for one year in the market was an Best Business Books pick. She has also written for The Rocky Mountain News and Parents magazine.