Molly Alexander Darden

Journalist; Founder/Editor, First Rate America: Choosing the Global Community

Molly Alexander Darden believes that the United States is developing a principles-based collaborative society that can lead to genuine exceptionality, based on a 21st-century approach to solving problems. Recognizing the beginnings of a shift from dependence on force, to diplomacy for resolving conflicts, she recommends our shifting from dependence on government to solve our problems, in favor of the private sector’s taking significant control whenever practical. As a society, we can develop communications skills including conflict resolution and negotiation, in a collaborative culture that will restore a safe, stable environment in which to develop and grow and nourish our society. As we recognize our place in a global society, we accept that we can learn from others who have, at times, achieved the higher standards to which we aspire. Our collaborative attitude must extend beyond our boundaries if we are to take our place in a new 21st Century electronic environment of building and maintaining global relationships that span the gamut of life’s experiences. With excellence as our standard, Molly Darden strives to inspire us to strengthen our stability and growth by, among other endeavors, restoring our vigorous economy through private-sector initiatives that will return significant numbers of the workforce to jobs that provide reasonable pay and benefits. By elevating the level of our education system, we provide reasonable opportunities for our next generations to succeed throughout their rapidly evolving social environment.