Glennia Campbell co-founded in 2007 with Beth Blecherman and Stefania Pomponi Butler. A group of progressive women in states around the country now contribute. is a collaborative blog of mothers who have come together to blog about politics from a progressive point of view.

As mothers, we write about issues that concern us, from healthcare to global warming to poverty. We write from our own experiences, as Americans and global citizens. We view the media and politics with a critical eye and a heavy heart. We seek to leave the world better for our children than the way we found it, by being involved in the political process and speaking out on their behalf.

Each of the MOMocrats is a noted blogger/writer in her own right. We each have personal blogs and have contributed to mainstream media, print publications, podcasts, and television. The MOMocrats are a diverse group with professional backgrounds in law, journalism, broadcasting, film, writing, and education, among other professions. We currently have 22 contributors from across the United States.