Monah Li

Fashion designer, writer

Born in Vienna, Austria, it seems that I have designed fashion all my life. I remember myself as a teenager with a flashlight under my blanket frantically sewing my new outfit for the next day. I moved to California<br /> in the late 80 ies and I managed to turn my collection "Monah Li" into a very successful business with my own retail store in Los Feliz, many celebrity clients and accounts all over the world. <br /> I became a writer during the last few years, not only because I was married to a writer - and I'm not going to say who, because he is a little notorious - but because I needed another medium to express my creativity.<br /> After writing for the LA-Weekly and the Huffington Post on style and fashion and after writing a few screenplays, I realized that what I really wanted to write about was way more serious. So I wrote a book, called "Showroom of Perfections" about my addiction to various Eating Disorders, but mostly bulimia and to love and sex that cost me my sanity, business, career and my life.<br /> I'm in recovery from all of it now and enjoy sharing this experience. There are not many women who live to tell about bulimia. I don't mind hitting raw nerves by telling the truth about something that is very common, but so secretive that there isn't much out there to read about.<br /> You can hate this or love it - I'm writing it, because the only way to make those lost years count, is by turning them into art.

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