Monick Halm

Real Estate Investor Goddess, bestselling author, mom, wife, yogi, world traveler

Monick Halm is the bestselling author of the "Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook: Everything You Need To Know To Start Investing in Real Estate Like a Goddess." She is the co-founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, an educational platform for women real estate investors, and is herself a real estate investor, syndicator, and developer with over 12 years of investing experience in single family, multi-family, and RV/mobile home parks. She and her husband own over 1000 rental doors in 6 states. She is also a certified interior designer, Feng Shui expert, certified NLP and Money Mastery coach, and attorney. Monick is passionate about real estate, design, and helping women to thrive. You can connect with her at or on twitter as @monickpaulhalm.