Monika Berghoff

Peace worker, publisher

I was born in Germany and studied agricultural engineering at George-August University in Goettingen with the aim of working with organizations that help underdeveloped nations in the Global South. During my first trip to Guatemala, I realized that this work was only a bandaid on the wounds of much deeper problems that are symptomatic of an unjust system. Realizing that this system originates in the developed world and must therefore be changed there, I left my career to become a peace worker. This decision led to years of searching for the key points that could lead to a fundamental system change. In 1986, I began a cooperation with a group of radical pioneers in the search for a genuine peace culture, led by the visionaries Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels. In 1994, we created the Peace Research Center Tamera in southern Portugal, where I am currently working. Since 2000, I have been the director of the “Verlag Meiga,” an international publishing house. More information can be found on my blog:

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