Monika Szamko

Connector of people and ideas. Mom+corporate adviser+entrepreneur+wif­­e+world traveler = 100% woman.

Monika Szamko is a connector of people and ideas. A systems thinker, she believes in harnessing interpersonal relationships and tapping into the power of the community to transform lives.

She is a Co-Founder of Considea Consulting, a boutique consultancy where she advises leaders of Fortune 500 companies in the areas of building great organizations, teams and cultures. She is also Co-Founder of Woven (, a community that brings women together.

Beyond her roles as an adviser and social entrepreneur, Monika is the mother-in-training of two of our future leaders, and the wife of an amazing and supportive husband.

Monika has benefited from the wisdom of an amazing group of influencers, thought leaders and practitioners including former classmates and professors at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and former colleagues and clients at McKinsey and Company and beyond.