Morris Ruskin

CEO, Shoreline Entertainment

Over the course of producing over forty-five films, Morris Ruskin has
structured deals that incorporate deferments, soft money and
international co-productions in order to create financially-viable
motion pictures .These productions focus on bankable genre content and
star-driven projects that can secure success in a sometimes-uneven
marketplace. Amongst such productions are Glengarry Glen Ross, The Man from Elysian Fields, Lakeboat, Price of Glory, Marilyn Hotchkiss
Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, The Visit, Everything's Gone Green, The
and Weirdsville.

Morris is no stranger to the festival circuit. Three of his films have
premiered at Sundance; six have premiered at The Toronto International
Film Festival; he's produced the opening night selection at Slamdance;
and High Life was his first production to premiere at the Berlin
International Film Festival last February. Morris' films have been
frequently feted as well: The Visit was nominated for four Spirit Awards and The Signal was nominated for The Cassavetes Spirit Award.

Morris is presently in production on a 3D-animated film based on a comic
book and is in postproduction on Master Harold and the Boys, which is based on Athol Fugard's famous play and stars Ving Rhames and Freddie

By persistently working with prominent writers and directors and by
developing and acquiring projects that are attractive to the major
studios, mini-majors, and foreign markets alike, Morris has ensured for
over seventeen years that Shoreline remains a stable yet versatile and
ever-evolving organization.

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