Philip David Morton

Writer, producer, contributor

Philip David Morton published cultural arts reviews, political essays, theater and arts reviews and film critique for many years for the Huffington Post with viewership up to 180K views. He continues as an award nominated Hollywood screen writer and producer. A professional film and TV writer for 20 years, Morton started his career at Saturday Night Live and started his career in features writing for Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other numerous assignments at Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema and Dreamworks Animation. He co-created and co-wrote the sit com Malibu Dan:Family Man; currently in 3rd season (2019). He wrote and co-produced the thriller The Unwilling (2017), currently on Amazon, which won numerous film festival honors. The writer of 'Fire Down Below' starring Steven Seagal, he has written on studio features from 'Fantastic Four' to 'Jack Frost' and has been hired on studio projects as far ranging as science fiction, action-adventure and suspense films to family pictures. He wrote the movie '12:01 PM' which won the Brussels Film Festival Award for best picture, and an honorary Edgar Award. The head writer on the ABC sketch comedy pilot series 'On The Air', his previous work includes daytime Emmy wins on writing staffs for family programming.