Dr. Marilyn "M.E." Porter

The Scatter Brained GENIUS' Coach, International Bestselling Author, Pastor, Mentor and most notably MOM. Lover of God, music, the perfect cup of coffee. Affectionately known as "The Soul Shifter".

Marilyn Elizabeth Porter "M.E." is a woman confidently and intentionally living her purpose - bringing light and wisdom to the world. She makes no apologies for being a woman of unflappable faith and allows her Christianity to shine bright in every arena. And although there are many titles and descriptions that fit her - Mommy - is one her most prized accolades. Her God and her children (in that order) have been the driving forces in her life. She is most widely known for her work as spiritual life coach, author and ministry development - M.E. now stands alone is a very sacred and savvy space as "The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach". Her journey to this place - that is, The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach - has been a colorful one that has quite a few pit stops and pitfalls. KNOWING her gifts was the easy part - knowing how to use them, grow them and monetize them, has not been so easy. However, over the course of 7 years she has been able to successfully translate into her GENIUS into $$$'s and take great pleasure is helping others so the same! She first entered the coaching arena as The Life Alignment Catalyst - but there was more. As the vision an direction became a little more clear, she redirected and came back as, The Mission Minded Motivator, but there was more, MUCH more. The third times a charm - in comes The Soul Shifter, God Himself graced her with the moniker and it was and still is a perfect fit! The Soul Shifter stabilized M.E. as a Spiritual Life Coach, but she still struggled with trying to verbalize what it was she really did as a business and personal development coach. The break out the BOX of only coaching those who desired spiritual enlightment, she knew that she would once again have to shift . Shifting souls - changing mindsets - was accurate but there was more! M.E. began to realize that there was a simpler component to what she did (Soul Shifting is a rewarding task, but people often do not realize they are being shifted - hence tis difficult to monetize). After a little talk with Jesus one Saturday evening she IS her IDEAL (paying) CLIENT! Brilliant. Free Spirited YET Rooted. Creative. Authentic. POWERFUL. Wise. BUT a little unsure as t how to put all of that to goodness to be IMPACTFUL and BUILD A LEGACY! DING - the bright light went off - " I AM A SCATTER BRAINED GENIUS! I have the answers I just don't how to gather them all up and generate an abundant lifestyle! " She began the work of putting her own answers in functional order and she began to flourish! M.E. has already earned a BS in Psychology from The University of Maryland which gave a solid understanding of personalities types and the benefits and drawbacks of each - which allowed her to fully embrace that she was indeed a SCATTER BRAINED GENIUS! Coupled with her Psychology degree, her Life Coaching Certification (both Spiritual Life and Personal Development) and her solid ministry training COACH ME launched out as The Scatter Brained Genius Coach - her passion is the help other SBGs gather their thoughts, organize their answers and monetize their SBG superpowers! The world has recognized the GENIUS in M.E. for many years - even when she did not. In 2014 she was the recipient of "The Lady of Purpose TRAILBLAZER Award" - this honor symbolized her unique style of standing out in a very saturated coaching and speaking marketplace. A few short months later in April of 2015 M.E. was once again recognized for her voice in both ministry and in the marketplace when she received an Honorary Doctorate degree in Ministry Development - issued from The Los Angeles Development Church & Institute. Dr. Walter Sims - a fellow clergy member - had brought M.E. to the attention of the issuing organization. And because she continues to show up in a space that is uniquely carved out for her , Dr. Porter most recently was awarded The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service under President Barak Hussein Obama, this honor was coupled with the Certificate of Congressional Recognition signed by Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis. Dr. Porter is not only an 8 time Bestselling author - one of which includes her own life story "The Pieces of ME (And YOU): An Autobiographical Journal" - she is also a Bestselling Publisher. Phenomenal Child of God. A Phenomenal Mother. A Phenomenal Friend. A Phenomenal Business Woman. A Phenomenal Preacher of the Gospel. A Phenomenal Author and Publisher. A Phenomenal Wife (husband not accounted for yet). A Phenomenal Life, Business and Personal Development Coach and Consultant. A Phenomenal Mentor. Dr. Porter is simply a PHENOMENAL WOMEN! #thesbgcoach #sbgmedia #publisher #Amazonbestseller #lifecoach #transformationspeaker