Maria Paravantes

Dedicated Greek-American writer seeking the truth behind the story called 'Greece'

Maria Paravantes is a professional journalist, translator, media consultant and blogger. She has worked as international media advisor to the Greek minister of foreign affairs and the mayor of Athens, developing, coordinating and implementing far-reaching communications strategies. She is currently a features and content writer at the Greek Travel Pages ( Her work, covering a wide variety of social, political, cultural and travel issues, has been published in Greek and international media. She was the Greece correspondent for Billboard magazine, has worked at Thomson Reuters and has experience as a foreign language educator for over two decades. Maria is a social-anthropologist by study, a writer by profession and music-loving foodie at heart. She studied and worked in the Windy City before moving to Greece, where she travelled till she dropped in her lifelong effort to recapture the nostalgia of her childhood trips to the Motherland. In these three decades, she has experienced social change first hand and is dedicated to presenting the objective side of the story called “Greece." Among her pet projects -- The Greek Vibe -- is a blog dedicated to bringing Greece and its music closer to the world.